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About Us

behind the scenes at menuha

We Are Menuha

Menuha means to rest and to have joy. That is the foundation of our business. Rest informs productivity. Our work connects us with the community, which brings us great joy. We love to help entrepreneurs and bring out their joy.

Menuha Studios wants to utilize joy as a business principle to extend connection through marketing principles and strategies. We believe by merging these disciplines we can create a more sustainable and equitable community.

Digital Lovers

Businesses have the power to change communities effectively through marketing strategies. How businesses share their story can shift power into positive community impact.

We start by helping businesses better measure their storytelling to tell clearer, purpose-driven stories. Merging data with creative messaging, we help businesses invite others into what they do and show them strategies to share their mission authentically, yet strategically.

meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind our Success

Megan Dimmer

Owner | Founder

Hannah Noorman

Director of Operations

Kara Hoholik

Director of Content Creation

Regina Lum-Witkoske

Director of Strategic Marketing and Sales

Maddie King

Lead Designer

We Tell Stories

We are compelled to teach businesses how to tell their stories rather than sell a brand because humans are built for stories.

We share joy

Joy grows gratitude, which breeds generosity and a sustainable community of joyful people. It is a cyclical process which is good for both the business and the people.

we build community

Working with businesses that serve our community is at the core of what we do. We believe that building bridges between connections with our work creates a stronger and more sustainable community.

we rest

In a society that glorifies busy and overwhelm, it’s hard to believe it, but science and experience tell us that rest improves our work, and helps us make new connections and ideas. 

Your Dream. Our joy.

We believe rest improves our work.

We know that we’re at our most creative and efficient when we rest. We also know that rest and time with friends and families and exploring hobbies gives us joy. At Menuha, we know that when joy is present and rest is observed, we are at our best. And our clients deserve nothing less than our best.

Our proven methods based in neuroscience, digital marketing strategy, and combined experience will help your business achieve success in a way that feels authentic to you and brings you joy and connection to your community and people you serve.

Do you want to grow your business?

we can do it together

The work of Menuha Studios is done by independent contractors.