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Meet Lisa

Lisa Jousma has been selling Pure Haven for 6 years. “I wish I knew how many lives my decision would end up touching for the better,” Lisa says of when she started her business. 

“I think many people have an inherently negative connotation of salespeople,” she explains. “But I wanted to bring awareness to others and help them find safe products they loved.”

While Lisa recognizes there are misconceptions about direct sales, she is thankful for all she has learned and accomplished in her business. 

“My eyes had been opened to the lack of regulation in personal care products,” she says. “I learned how switching out traditional products for safe ones was an easy aspect of healthy living to take control of.” 

It has taken a lot of grit to overcome obstacles and negativity, but it has been worth it. “I have so much gratitude for this experience,” Lisa shares.

You can find Lisa on Facebook at

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