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Meet AJ

“At FourLeaf Leadership, we don’t leave success to luck. We focus on accountability, resources & tools, training, and your why. You are our why, and we look forward to serving you well.” 

Their company tag line gets to the heart of their mission and vision created by AJ Emery, founder of FourLeaf Leadership. AJ left her former workplace to start FourLeaf about a year ago in order to make a difference in the lives and businesses of her clients in a way that was authentic to her skills and interests. “Where your talents and the needs of the world meet, there lies your vocation,” she explains. 

Even though she was confident in her decision, the transition to working for herself was significant.  “It was a huge identity shift! I don’t know that I was prepared for it. It helped me to be a better coach to go through it,” AJ explains. She begins working with clients on this identity shift and how to implement new leadership skills and concepts.

When AJ began FourLeaf, she wished she connected to other entrepreneurs earlier on. “I wish I knew what a rich community of entrepreneurs – especially female-identifying entrepreneurs – we have in West Michigan,” she says. 

As with most entrepreneurs, AJ has her fair share of fears and concerns, and with those comes a lot of pressure. However, she also has an immense amount of pride in herself and what she’s overcome the last year, and how much success her clients have seen.

“My talents lie in helping people have epiphanies. I help them to see where they want to go and recognize the actions they need to take to get there. Those epiphanies, those moments where the coaching session hits the truth and becomes a turning point – those are the moments I live for in my job,” AJ says.

FourLeaf Leadership has helped dozens of leaders shine by focusing on what they really need to learn. AJ has helped executives grow and learn new skills to increase their bottom line while also providing a positive culture for their employees.

AJ shares, “How many leaders can honestly say they were fully prepared for a job in management or even an entrepreneur? So many of us learned through “trial by fire” and it does not have to be that way.”

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