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Meet Angie

Angie, of Color Street by Glimmer with Grace, opened her business a year and a half ago to empower women. Much of Angie’s success has come from her perseverance. She is passionate about what she does and works diligently to dispel stereotypes about the direct sales industry. 

“I love direct sales! I’m my own boss. I make my own hours.” says Angie. Despite her positive experience, Angie has been turned away from participating in events, denied collaborations, and even weathered insults, “as if I don’t own my own business,” she explains. 

Angie suggests there’s a need to change the negative perception of direct sales. “There are a few companies out there that give the rest of us a bad reputation,” she says. “I am a small business owner. I pay taxes and work hard no different than other small business owners.” 

By offering excellent customer support and a product she believes in, Angie is working to overcome the negativity she’s experienced from others outside the direct sales industry. 

She is leading a nationwide team and building a culture of good. “I love watching them blossom into business owners, gain confidence back, and find financial independence,” says Angie. “They are amazing people who have the same mindset and goals. We are welcoming and kind; a sisterhood like no other.”

With passion and energy, Angie puts her all into her business. She focuses on building supportive relationships with her customers and making sure to not lose the fun in what she’s doing day-to-day.

“It’s really a one of a kind unicorn tribe,” she says of the community she’s built through her business.

And about all the negativity she’s experienced? Angie says, “I don’t let it get me down. My customers shop with me because of me.”

Angie is a one of a kind entrepreneur who works to do good in our community. Want to get to know her more? Follow her on social media and even join her VIP group.

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